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07-Khalil Mamoon Hookah Enigma Ice 41"

Голосов: 7
4800.00 руб.

This hookah is manufactured by Khalil Mamoon who is the most notable hookah manufacturer in Egypt. The Enigma is one of the most decorative Khalil Mamoon hookahs made. It features two octagon motifs in the middle of the stem with hand made Egyptian plaques on each side of the octagon. The Enigma stands at an amazing 41" from the top of the bowl down to the bottom of the base. The Enigma also includes a large ice bucket with hand decorations and extra large tray. This hookah comes with a thick gauge long handle hose which is not pictured here.

  • Strong and durable stainless steel shaft
  • Thick gauge long handled Hose
  • Khalil Mamoon stamp on the stem and tray
  • Ice tray to chill your smoke
  • Includes everything pictured as well as hose, tongs, screen, brush and grommets

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