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06-Khalil Mamon Abanos "ebony wood"

Голосов: 8
4200.00 руб.

This is a very special model from Khalil Mamoon. The stem is a fairly rare KM model, which features Abanos "ebony wood" with inlaid mother of pearl and polished birch designs in the center. While the Abanos has been seen before in 32 inch stainless steel models, this model is a dual tone stem which is slightly larger. It sits on a black and gold striped signature Khalil Mamoon vase, which has the name proudly written in Arabic and English. It comes with one of the few fully-washable wide gauge Khalil Mamoon hoses that are available in the world at the moment. On top, sits a high grade ceramic head that holds approximately 15 - 20 grams of shisha tobacco. This hookah is a gorgeous work of art, but also a must have for any serious Khalil Mamoon collector

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